Government Technology Distributor

Government Technology Distributor

20:27 18 September in Articles of Interest

The challenge for many information technology companies is how to get their products into the hands of government users.  There are a couple of common avenues that companies take to solve this problem.  For in-experienced companies wanting to know “How to sell to the Government” we recommend that you utilize Winvale as you Government Technology Distributor.  This applies to State and Local government agencies as well.

Winvale has its own Information Technology GSA Schedule Contract – Schedule 70 – that we manage directly and routinely sell over $10 million per year through this one contract to Federal, state and local government agencies.  Government agencies traditionally look to the GSA Schedule 70 for their technology purchases.  Therefore, if a company has a solution that the Government would purchase for agency use, it is the easiest path to revenue by having your product(s) on a GSA Schedule with a government technology distributor.

As your government technology distributor, we perform the following actions:

  • Add your products to our GSA Schedule 70 contract
  • Once approved we provide quotes to potential government technology buyers at your direction
  • Upon receipt of Purchase Order from government agency we process the order, invoice the government, and order the product from you.
  • Upon receipt of payment from the government, we pay you.

The role that Winvale plays is very much like a traditional reseller but we specialize in government agencies (Federal, State, and Local) as our primary customer base.  Since we understand all of the rules and requirements for selling to this special type of customer, it makes sense for information technology manufacturers to select Winvale as their primary government technology distributor.

There are other advantages for choosing Winvale as your government technology distribution partner.  If you are interested in exploring this avenue for your company’s government technology distribution and sales, please contact us today.

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