How to Complete a GSA Application

How to Complete a GSA Application

20:29 18 September in Articles of Interest

How to Complete a GSA Schedule Application

The successful completion of your GSA application relies heavily on your ability to review the solicitation documents and decipher exactly what the GSA requires. While the main solicitation document is close to 100 pages long and full of useful information, there are additional documents you need to pay close attention to.

Determining the GSA Application Requirements

  • First determine which GSA Schedule you are submitting a proposal for and what Special Item Numbers (SINs) are applicable to your offering
  • Review the solicitation documents for critical or special instructions that are applicable to the Schedule and SINs you are pursuing
  • Make sure to review special requirements for offerings in regards to products vs. services

There are several GSA application requirements and they can vary greatly from Schedule to Schedule, SIN to SIN, and product offering versus service offering. However, if you review the solicitation documents already knowing what you plan to offer, determining what is required will be a much more manageable task. Lastly, solicitations are updated 1-2 times per year so make sure you are responding to the most current version or you are sure to have your GSA application rejected.

Sometimes a GSA application is rejected, and this is usually due to information missing that was listed in the solicitation documents. If this happens, do not panic. Simply review the rejection letter to determine what corrections or additional documents need to be included. Once the edits have been made, resubmit the proposal. If you have additional questions, contact the GSA Contracting Officer listed on the rejection letter. Since it is usually the same Contracting Officer to review your offer a second time, it is suggested that you include the rejection letter along with your comments stating what corrective action you have taken to address their initial concerns in the new proposal.

Learn more about GSA application requirements and proposal documents.

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