Identifying Government Opportunities

Identifying Government Opportunities

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When a company decides to pursue business in the federal marketplace, finding the right government opportunities can be very frustrating.  The federal government provides tools for government contractors such as FedBizOpps and USASpending. While these resources can be a helpful starting point, your federal sales team still needs to figure out who is buying what you’re selling, and figure out which agency/program they need to connect with to qualify the opportunity.  There are too many agencies to focus on them all, which is why Winvale stresses the importance of a focused government sales strategy in order to pursue the right government opportunities.

Identifying government opportunities

Government Opportunities Workflow

Define the Government Opportunities & Marketplace

  • Who are the buyers?
  • What are they buying?
  • When are they buying it?
  • Where are the government opportunities?
  • Why are they buying it?
  • How are they buying it?

Develop a Government Strategy & Processes

Developing a government strategy and processes is important. This will allow for a targeted and efficient approach to tackling government opportunities. This is important because if you’ve ever sold in the public sector before without a defined strategy, you know that pursuing government opportunities can be a complex and resource intensive process.

Train and Reinforce the Government Strategy and Processes

Once the government strategy and processes are implemented, continuous improvement is necessary for success.  This requires your team to update the government marketplace data and refine the strategy to the ebbs and flows of the government marketplace in order to find the right government opportunities.

Continued/Updated Market Research and Support

Government contractors want their sales team focus on winning government opportunities and not spending their valuable time doing the research to find government opportunities; Outsourcing this work allows for your sales team to focus on selling and not invest their time on research.

The federal government is the world’s largest buyer and there are no shortages of government opportunities in this market. To learn more about finding the right government opportunities for your organization, please contact us!

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