Mergers and Acquisitions Fine Print: Contract Novation

15:58 08 October in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

In the high-financed, fast-paced world of Mergers and Acquisitions, one aspect of the deal that is often over-looked, or misunderstood, is the contract Novation.  Many people unfamiliar with the federal market don’t realize that if you buy a government contractor, their federal contracts may not...

How Can I Expedite My GSA Schedule Proposal Review?

15:31 26 September in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

Many companies understand the value of getting on a GSA Schedule, especially given that, in fiscal year 2013, GSA MAS contractors reported over $35 billion in sales. One deterrent for some companies considering getting a GSA Schedule is the length of the review and approval process....


What to Expect During a Contractor Assistance Visit

18:17 23 September in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

Last month, the General Services Administration held a webinar, “Keeping Your IT Schedule 70 Compliant,” that gave some great pointers to GSA Schedule holders. Although the webinar was geared towards Schedule 70, James Pope, Industrial Operations Analyst for GSA, gave some great pointers about what to...

New SAM.GOV Rule

22:34 31 July in Blog by David Baldino

If you’ve updated your registration recently, you may have seen a new ownership page.  A final rule recently amended the Federal Acquisition Regulations to require all SAM registrants, if owned by another entity, to identify that entity by name, CAGE code, and type of...


How to Market to the Government – B2G Marketing

22:30 16 May in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

Many GSA Schedule Holders and prospective government contractors believe that selling to the government is a simple task. Hold on there - selling to the US government, the largest buyer in the world, is no easy task. Organizations need to market toward the government through...


Great IT Assets Come with Great Responsibilities

19:22 04 April in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

Growing viruses and continuous cyber hacks have government agencies and corporations concerned about the safety of their IT assets. Most organizations fail to realize that simple steps taken toward protecting IT assets are essential and will save them tons of costs, and seize the possibility...


Spring Cleaning For Your Service Desk

22:57 01 April in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

ITSM – Service Desk Ticket System Field and Categorization Simplification As anyone who owns a home or has a garage knows, we tend to collect stuff over time that we no longer need (or maybe never really needed) and then keep those items stored in places...


4 Steps to Solving ITSM & ITAM Challenges

22:59 28 February in Blog by Kevin Lancaster

In the IT world, challenges always exist, whether we can currently identify the challenge or not, one will always arise. Rest assured, when an IT challenge becomes apparent, there is also usually a solution in existence.  Often enough it’s the problem solving techniques that reach...

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