Boost eLearning

110 Lakeside Ave
Suite E.
Seattle, WA 98122

Winvale is bringing Boost eLearning to the government and military sector to provide online IT Certification training.

Boost eLearning provides IT professionals with the necessary skills to pass the desired Certification Exam and the memory training to empower the trainee to retain those skills and become a true subject matter expert.

The primary focus for Boost eLearning is to meet the needs of Military and Government for highly effective online IT Certification training. The program has much experience in adult learning; the instructional design with interactive training, combined with live labs is the most immersive and effective online training available for adult skills development and skills retention.

Boost eLearning offers Practice Labs to help clients develop practical IT skills in a safe working environment without the need to invest in your own hardware and software.

The ease and convenience of the internet allows Boost eLearning to provide access to real equipment that helps trainees feel the training experience is realistic, and will in turn provide a greater depth of technology understanding. The Practice Labs offer guides which walk the trainees through a variety of topics, which help in the understanding of specific exam objectives and providing guidance on how to carry out real-life scenarios.

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