Winvale supports DryWired™, a Los Angeles based technology firm that licenses, markets and distributes revolutionary patented nano-coating technologies globally.
DryWired was launched to fuel marketing efforts for the licensed protective nano-coating, which make virtually any surface resistant to water, oil and corrosion.

DryWired’s surface modification technologies are non-toxic, invisible, and undetectable to the touch.

Key Features

  • Hydrophobic, Hydrophyllic, and Oleophobic coatings
  • Permanent, flexible coatings, not visible to the human eye
  • Uniform coverage of complex three-dimensional surfaces
  • Penetration into core of complex shaped substrates
  • Coating thickness of 2 nm to 200 nm
  • Resistant to elevated temperatures, up to 200°C
  • Coatings can withstand mechanical rubbing and washing
  • Coatings allow for electrical conductivity and can be smoldered through
  • Customized solutions
  • No masking required
  • Room temperature process
  • Treats large products
  • Permeates exterior casing


  • Contamination Resistant Certified
  • IP5X Dust Resistant Certified
  • IPX 7 Water Resistant Certified
  • Mil-Spec Method 507 Temp/Humidity Certified
  • Mil-Spec Method 509 Salt Fog Certified
  • Biocompatible according to ISO 10993

Learn More

  • Learn more about DryWired’s nano-coating technology in this brochure.
  • Watch this video to see a product test of their technology.
  • See how Quanta Laboratories tested and certified Drywired’s technology performance on the iPhone and Galaxy phone.

Watch this video to learn more about DryWired!

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