engagorcb_logo_rgbEngagor is an integrated solution for listening, analyzing and engaging across the entire social web. They help government and enterprise clients worldwide delivers personalized social customer service, optimize team performance and uncover hidden social insights in real-time.

Through an intuitive web-based platform, Engagor enables you to listen to the entire online conversation, filter and prioritize engagement, and deliver meaningful analysis in real-time. Engagor provides centralized management of all social analysis and engagement with complete insights of your social mentions and activity.

Past Performance

For the European Union, Engagor helped map out their entire social media presence in order to understand and meet the needs of their audience. The Engagor team also provided them with the software to streamline social media reporting. Learn more

For the European Parliament, Engagor helped establish a secure social media presence tailored to the needs of their community. Learn more

Engagor helped create a winning social customer care program and a successful social media team for T-Mobile that reduced response time and improved customer satisfaction. Learn more

Key Features

  • Listen to the entire conversation across all social networks and millions of blogs, forums, news sites and discussions.
  • Cut through the noise with powerful and intuitive filtering to eliminated spam and unrelated mentions.
  • Engage faster & smarter on all your social profiles with central inbox, smart filtering & folders, message routing & prioritization, automated workflows and trending topic alerts.
  • Create unlimited custom dashboards with our library of 200+ customizable widgets for sharable and insightful reporting.
  • Identify trending topics and find the most shared messages, photos and videos from user generated content, automatically.
  • Leading NLP text-analytics technology for detailed and accurate tagging, sentiment and analysis customized to you.

Additional Resources

Learn about all the Engagor features in this short, hands-on tour of their platform. 

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