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Winvale partners with MartizCX to find out how technology, research, and service components all work together to help government contractors see important business issues and trends earlier, respond faster, and ultimately turn every customer experience into a clear competitive advantage.

Maritz CX helps provide an improved understanding of a client’s customer experience. The Maritz CX Strategy and Design consulting starts with insights and experience needed to clearly understand, consistently manage and improve these experiences over a lifetime of interactions. This allows businesses to identify key points of influence earlier on, additionally helping understand what drives customer satisfaction and making decisions to improve revenue and growth.

MaritzCX also provides government solutions with improved customer satisfaction analysis. It is necessary to be able to measure, analyze and anticipate the needs of the citizens, and respond with efficient solutions. Open communication between the customers and government.

  • Accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, distributing, and acting on crucial CX information from months to minutes.
  • Anticipate and influence the trends and triggers that keep customers happy and loyal over the lifetime of a relationship.
  • Make CX personal with tools, processes, and technology that allow you to treat and serve thousands (or millions) of customers as individuals.
  • Deliver the right information to the right people, so everyone in your organization can gain instant insights and take appropriate actions–from front-line employees to executive management.
  • Weave CX intelligence into your operational DNA, so you can convert customer feedback directly into meaningful competitive advantage and better business outcomes.
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