Proposal Writing Services

Proposal Writing Services

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Proposal writing services can be an excellent addition to a government sales team that has been disappointed with their success in winning government contracts. It can become discouraging spending days or weeks completing a response to an RFP or RFQ only to not win the business. Proposal writing services can also be a practical alternative to small businesses that may not have a dedicated government sales team.

What Types of Proposal Writing Services are Available?

There are many resources available to provide different types of proposal writing services, from completing the entire proposal to reviewing a completed proposal. Some key proposal writing service types are:

  • Senior Proposal Writer
  • Senior Proposal Manager
  • Pricing Specialist
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Red Team Review

A Senior Proposal Writer has a proven ability to create a written response to the requirements outlined in a solicitation from a government agency. A Senior Proposal Manager can be helpful with large government sales programs or complex RFPs and RFQs by providing capture management plans, leading proposal writers and subject matter experts with the completion and organization of various sections of a response. They also participate in the entire project process from the initial fact finding conversations to the review process.

Many companies can complete a lot of the response on their own; they just need proposal writing services for certain aspects. When beginning to write a proposal response consider these Top 10 Tips for Writing a Proposal.

When looking to get a competitive advantage in your proposal based on your prices, consider a pricing specialist. A pricing specialist can evaluate your competition’s prices, analyze spending trends of the procurement agency, provide pricing recommendations, and participate in win strategy sessions.

A subject matter expert can be helpful for completing technical sections of a response. Finally, one of the most common types of proposal writing services is a Red Team Review. During a Red Team Review, a person/ team who has never been exposed to the proposal reviews the response and provides input intended to strengthen the proposal, correct errors, and ensure correct formatting according to the solicitation.

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