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Winvale’s consulting and advisory clients include organizations – both large and small – across nearly every major industry. A partial list of our nearly 2000 consulting clients by Industry is included below.  For the list the current Technology Manufacturers held on Winvale’s own GSA Schedules, please visit our Technology Manufacturers page.

Technology Products & Services

In the technology sector, we  work hand-in-hand with professional service, maintenance and training organizations as well as manufacturers of software and hardware solutions.

Professional Services

Within the services field, we have practical real-world experience, being in somewhat of the market space, working companies providing market research, communications, construction, financial and media services.

Healthcare & Health IT

In the healthcare industry, our experience includes working with companies that develop, manufacture, market and/or distribute health-related products and services.

Consumer Products

In the Consumer Products space, our experience includes consumer electronics, sporting goods, fitness products and services, and home improvement needs.


In the furniture industry, our work includes everything from home furnishings to office and school furniture. Our clients design, manufacture and market wooden, metal and upholstered furniture, as well as displays and non-computerized business equipment.

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Within the industrial market space, Winvale has experience with manufacturers and distributors of modular building products, facilities management, chemicals, cleanliness protection, heavy machinery, construction and energy conscious products.

Security Technology & Services

In the security field, we have first-hand experience working with companies providing surveillance and guard services, access control/biometrics, inmate tracking, inspection systems, and more.

Transportation & Logistics

Within the transportation market we have in-depth experience with emergency and command-center vehicles, managing transportation, communication, supply chain, and alternative energy vehicles. We have also supported the transportation of passengers and freight.

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