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Government Contractors Using CRM and Accounting Systems Like QuickBooks and

Do you need CRM, Accounting & IFF Support? Are your systems set-up to properly track your GSA Sales, basis of award customer and report your Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) liabilities? According to GSA, chances are they are not!

GSA noted in its March 2014 GSA OIG report on Major Issues from Multiple Awards Schedule Audits, nearly half of the contractors audited had “inadequate sales monitoring and billing systems to ensure proper administration of the price reduction and billing provisions of their MAS contracts.”

What’s interesting about this is that we’ve found that almost 65% of all GSA Schedule holders use Quickbooks to run their accounting systems and almost 70% use CRM/ Sales tracking systems like

As a result of our experience working with, developing, integrating and running platforms like Quickbooks, Deltek, Procas, PVBS, Quosal, QuoteWerks and, we are able to help our clients tackle the challenges that come with tracking and reporting their GSA IFF, basis of award customer, and prepping for GSA Schedule IOA Visits & Audits.

As GSA is putting more emphasis on monitoring whether contractors have the proper systems in place, it’s now more important than ever to create a seamless GSA Sales tracking and reporting process.

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