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GSA’s New Transactional Data Reporting

What You Need To Know

The Transactional Data Reporting Program, or TDR for short, is a pilot program that GSA began rolling out to select GSA Schedules in August 2016.

TDR dramatically changes the way GSA Contractors are required to track and report GSA sales. TDR also has major implications for GSA’s method of determining fair and reasonable pricing for products and services offered through the GSA Schedule program.

TDR requires:

  • GSA Contractors to report their GSA sales monthly and with a much greater degree of detail than contractors are currently reporting.
  • Contractors to use the new FAS Sales Portal to report their sales.

This portal requires contractors to enter specific transactional information for each GSA order by line item of product or service sold. Some of the required transactional information includes Contract Number, Quantity of Item Sold, and Price per Unit.

3 Benefits of TDR


Recommendations for Contractors Impacted by TDR

Contractors will need to quickly determine if they hold one of the impacted contracts or SINs. TDR is a pilot program and its impact will vary for each contractor. Current GSA contractors, not going through an option renewal, have the choice of whether they would like to accept a Mass Modification incorporating TDR into the terms and conditions of their contract. It is very important for contractors to understand the implications of TDR before making this decision. Things to consider:

  • Do your systems have the capabilities to capture the 12 elements you need to report for each product / service? Download the webinar.
  • Is your pricing competitive in the government marketplace?
  • Do you have the time to complete reporting every month versus every quarter?

Do you need help deciding if TDR is right for you? Have you accepted the TDR Mass Mod and are now unsure how to prepare for the reporting? Do you need more information to answer either of these questions?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, give us a call. TDR is a new initiative and GSA continues to release new information about it weekly, so contact us for the latest.


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