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Acquiring a company that holds a GSA Schedule Contract means you are acquiring potential liabilities that can come with holding a GSA Schedule Contract.

As part of your company’s mergers and acquisitions due diligence, it is important that you thoroughly review all aspects of the government contract vehicles being acquired. From understanding their basis of award customer, to auditing their sales to ensure they have not violated any commercial sales practices commitments, you need to know the facts!

With the gain in popularity of GSA Schedule has come a significant increase in TDR/Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) violations, size-standard misrepresentations and trade agreements act inconsistencies.

Our Advisors are uniquely positioned to assist both the buy and sell sides of the mergers and acquisition process and can identify any potential issues that may create a barrier to a accomplishing a successful transaction.

Upon completion of our thorough analysis Winvale will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed GSA Schedule Contract Due Diligence Evaluation that addresses our findings and areas of concern to address.

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