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GSA Schedule Assistance

A unique value proposition: Winvale is both a leading GSA Schedule Consultant (with thousands of satisfied clients) and a well-established GSA Schedule holder itself with more than $100 million in government sales.

Winvale provides a level of GSA Schedule assistance that no other GSA consultant can. As both a government contractor and consultant, we’ve got you covered!

In simple terms – we practice what we preach. Each year, Winvale completes hundreds of procurements through our GSA Schedule Contracts and applies frequent contract modifications, all the while maintaining full compliance. This real-world experience makes us uniquely qualified to assist your organization in acquiring its own GSA Schedule. You should expect this level of government sales procurement knowledge from the organization you choose to support your Government Sales and GSA Schedule!

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Reasons to Choose Winvale to Support Your GSA Schedule Acquisition

  • Winvale has worked on more than 2,000 GSA Schedule contracts, representing virtually all industries.
  • Winvale clients produce, on average, $3.3 million each year in government sales.
  • We have worked on every type of GSA and VA Schedule, providing industry insight and customized guidance for any product or service offering.
  • Proven experience with a wide variety of organizations from small, emerging companies to multinational corporations.
  • Winvale maintains a GSA Schedule, as well as BPAs and State Contracts of our own.

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