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GSA Schedule Management

Keep Your Contract Current with Winvale GSA Schedule Support

Managing your GSA Schedule is not only important for success as a government contractor, but it’s required. Since you can have your GSA Schedule for up to 20 years, it’s meant to change and grow with your business, meaning you are subject to regular contract management and compliance.  

GSA Schedule management needs can look different from company to company. Whether you need guidance in sales reporting, modifications, or subcontracting plans, we will create and maintain a comprehensive compliance program tailored to your company’s contracts, operations, and processes. 

Reduce Compliance Risks with Winvale GSA Schedule Support

With the help of an experienced consultant, you can confidently grow your federal business while recognizing and quickly adapting to changes in the federal area—to optimize sales while avoiding unwanted exposure, penalties, and risk.   

Why Choose Winvale

As a government contractor and GSA Schedule contract holder ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to help federal contractors manage their GSA Schedules. We know what it’s like firsthand to be inundated with compliance measures, new requirements, and constant reporting to keep our own contract updated.  

To learn more about what you need to do to successfully manage your GSA Schedule, download our Complete Checklist for Maintaining Your GSA Schedule 



Offer Your Latest Solutions and Modify Your GSA Schedule Contract

  • Modifications including:
    • Economic Price Adjustments
    • GSA Schedule additions or deletions
    • Contract change of name/novation
  • SIP Uploads for GSA Advantage and GSA elibrary



Understand Ongoing Reporting and Compliance Requirements

  • Mass Modifications and Solicitation Refreshes
  • Sales Reporting
  • Commercial Sales Practices & Price Reduction Clause Compliance
  • Small Business Subcontracting Reporting
  • TAA Compliance
  • Registrations

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