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Getting on a GSA Schedule

Explore New Business Opportunities with a GSA Schedule

Having a GSA Schedule opens up a whole new world of opportunities. With a GSA Schedule, commercial companies can sell their products and services to government agencies through a $35 billion contract.  

GSA Schedule holders have a competitive edge in the federal marketplace. Since the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program was created to streamline the government procurement process, GSA Schedule holders are pre-vetted and the pricing, terms, and conditions of the contract are all pre-established. Knowing this, government agencies often prefer to purchase from GSA Schedules.  



Cut Through the Red Tape with Expert Help

While the advantages of having a GSA Schedule contract are clear, the GSA Schedule acquisition process can be difficult to navigate. We can help guide you through the process from start to finish. 

Winvale provides a level of GSA Schedule assistance that no other GSA Schedule consultant can. As both a consulting firm and a government contractor, we have real-world experience that makes us uniquely qualified to help your company acquire its own GSA Schedule. Whether your company is a small, emerging business or a multinational corporation, we have represented virtually all industries. Our mission is not only to help our clients get a GSA Schedule, but we strive to educate them throughout the process, so they enter the contracting world with all the knowledge they’ll need to succeed.  

To get it done right the first time and maintain a successful contract, it’s important to consider your options to sell through a GSA Schedule. If you don’t meet all the requirements to get a GSA Schedule or you want to reduce the burden of maintaining your GSA Schedule, you can also considering partnering with a GSA Schedule reseller like Winvale 

Check out our Essential GSA Schedule Guide to learn more about getting a GSA Schedule. 

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