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No Borders, Inc. (OTC: NBDR)

About No Borders, Inc. (OTC: NBDR)

No Borders, Inc. is a multifaceted corporation specializing in technology, acquisitions and distribution of commercial and consumer products with a strategic focus on reducing costs with a lean operation business model while increasing revenue and shareholder value through technological superiority across their portfolio of assets. No Borders’ subsidiary, MediDent Supplies, manufactures, imports, distributes, and retails medical and dental equipment. Products offered include PPE, supplies, tools, and equipment, and medical supplies, tools, and equipment.

MediDent Supplies is a strong competitor in the B2B medical and dental space, providing PPE, supplies, tools, and equipment to a large range of customers.

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Point of Contact:

Joe Snyder
Phone: (480) 485-6610

Winvale Partner Since 2020


Winvale Account Manager:

Leslie Crowley
(804) 313-6540


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