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Winvale brings cloud-based 24/7 self-serve knowledge management productivity solution to aid public sector organizations to drive growth and build brands.

Parature is a cloud-based solution that creates amazing customer experiences through a combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel interactions.

Leverage knowledge and boost employee productivity with quick access to consistent and organized information. Empower your customers with intelligent and guided self-service, accessible 24/7. Provide care across channels for precise, personalized support.

 Parature Supports Your Agency’s Mission

Under the Shared First and Open Government Initiatives, streamlining service delivery and improving customer service has become a top priority within the federal government to reduce spending while increasing transparency and citizen engagement.

Parature Customer Service Software for government provides a comprehensive and secure 24/7 support presence that matches your agency or department’s unique needs. In addition, the portal becomes a visually-seamless part of your current online presence to increase trust and ease of use.

From the cloud-based support portal, visitors have immediate access to an intuitive and searchable knowledge base where they can easily access the information your agency wants or needs to provide, including answers to frequently-asked questions, policies and procedures, downloadable forms, laws and regulations, fact sheets, the latest information updates and more.

Past Performance

  • Discover how the EPA, the United States federal agency in charge of protecting human health and environment, is leveraging Parature at 34 offices and providing a richer support portal experience for the American public. Read more in this case study.
  • Learn how NASA SEWP, the Government-Wide Acquisition Contract for IT products for all Federal Agencies, tracks all help desk interactions in Parature to support its customer base of government agencies and contract holders in this case study.

Key Features
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