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Winvale is giving our members access to Texthelp to improve literacy and improve communication in the government sector.

Texthelp brings literacy to life for a huge range of people and businesses around the world, large and small.

Understanding – and being understood – is a growing challenge in today’s diverse workplace, where almost 11 million people are born outside America and Canada, and 9 million people in the workforce have some form of disability. What’s more, ‘hidden’ disabilities like dyslexia can deter employees from reaching their full potential without extra support.

Government Solutions

Texthelp gives better access to individuals who lack the digital skills to use online government services and access information with confidence–whether it’s searching for jobs, paying a state or local tax bill or finding information on tax credits. Often it’s the most vulnerable social groups who need easy access to federal and local government services. And yet they’re the same individuals who are frequently excluded from accessing online support and social provisions.

Satisfied employees are over 30% more productive and 10% more engaged. Assistive technology software alone has been shown to increase staff engagement and performance in the workplace by a fifth, simply by removing the barriers to communication.

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