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AutoForm was founded in 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then, AutoForm has grown continuously and rapidly, and the company is now recognized as the leading provider of software solutions for sheet metal forming and assembly simulation.

Today, over 3,500 users in more than 1,000 companies in 50 countries around the world, trust in and rely on AutoForm for their key engineering and manufacturing operations.

Leading the way in research and development, AutoForm’s innovations for rapid and reliable validation of design, engineering and manufacturing processes on sheet metal stampings have profoundly revolutionized the market.

Producing tremendous improvements in quality, time and cost, AutoForm is an acknowledged industry standard at virtually every automotive OEM and at leading suppliers of tooling, stampings and materials worldwide.

AutoForm is proud to have earned genuine customer loyalty because of both our products and our people. Their mission is to provide innovative technological sheet metal stamping software solutions along with best-in-class support, which gives their customers competitive advantages worldwide.

All the major automotive OEMs and the majority of their suppliers have selected AutoForm as their software of choice. Over 3500 users in more than 1000 companies in 50 countries around the world trust in AutoForm for their key engineering and manufacturing operations.

Case Study:

Danville Metal’s Forming Success Using Simulation Software

Danville Metal produces parts for commercial aerospace, defense, and stationary power generation. With the use of AutoForm Forming R8, Danville Metal was able to streamline the process, shrink lead times, and save costs by eliminating production issues in

Read the full case study here.

Case Study:

Software Solves Springback Issues in Prog.-Die Auto-Part Application

Recently, Richard Tool & Die Corp. took on a project to design and manufacture progressive dies for automotive center-pillar inner panels, which connect lower frame rails to side roof rails between a vehicle’s front and rear doors. Historically without AutoForm, the center-pillar inner panels undergo many quality loops in order to achieve customer requirements. In some cases, report Richard Tool & Die officials, achieving a passing panel required more than 10 quality loops—a costly and time-consuming process. Using AutoForm-Compensator produced a passing panel with only one quality loop.

The AutoForm-Compensator module helped Richard Tool & Die achieve the goal of fully compensating programming sheets with confidence, prior to cutting details, report company officials, noting that this approach proves cost-effective as compared to morphing the panels after cutting details to assess panel quality.

Read the full case study here.

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