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Winvale is giving the government access to Cellcrypt so that critical information can be communicated effectively.

Cellcrypt is a communication security platform which provides the highest level of protection against call and message interception, within a consumer-friendly app that can be used on virtually any smartphone.

Military grade, end-to-end encryption ensures the complete confidentiality and authenticity of voice calls and messages, even across the most vulnerable or insecure networks. With assured message delivery and minimal bandwidth utilization, Cellcrypt empowers organizational mobility and offers total privacy for your most sensitive communications.

Government Solutions

As mobility for government officials becomes a feature of daily life, so does the importance of their ability to communicate effectively and share critical information.

Governments have become increasingly reliant on mobile technology, but as smartphone use has proliferated across agencies, new areas of risk have opened up. Foreign operatives, intelligence agencies, terrorists, and other adversaries are becoming more focused on leaks and attacks which can offer them easy access to a world of information. Secure and steady communication is always of the upmost importance to government, and it has never been exposed to greater potential threat.

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