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Codan Communications

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Codan Communications, a division of Codan Ltd., is a global company and trusted provider of radio communications products and solutions that help customers protect, inform and save lives. Since 1938 Codan has supported critical communications for public safety, security, remote land management and other citizen-supporting organizations. Solutions offered include the needed technology to enhance their communications across town, or across the globe. Codan is renowned for protecting and serving its communities by offering better communications.

With 80+ years of service and experience, Codan Communications is a trusted global provider of mission critical communications. Codan offers radio communications products and solutions to public safety, security, remote land management and other citizen-supporting organizations. Codan radio systems are used for everything from wildfire fighting, search and rescue, law enforcement, to traditional paging. Codan offers a wide variety of solutions based on individual needs from stationary infrastructure to tactical transportable solutions.

Renowned for reliable, interoperable solutions and able to withstand some of the harshest climates in the world – Codan offers customization for each client to ensure their solution matches the customer’s distinctive needs. In addition to offering solutions for international critical communications, Codan provides ongoing training, education and support to its customers beyond the initial set up. Codan is there to train and support their customized communications solutions for each individual agency through a variety of formats, including site walkthroughs, in class-training, whitepapers & case studies.

Codan Communications knows that having strong communications infrastructure in place is pivotal for any team and that having communications systems that go the extra mile can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether or not lives are saved. Codan radio systems makes sure the customer can Be Heard over the mountain, throughout the city, or across the globe.

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Case Study:

Modernizing Emergency Service Connections In the Pacific Northwest

Key Challenge:

RiverCom 911 is a dedicated multi-jurisdictional Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that provides communications for the state of Washington’s Chelan and Douglas counties. In 2012, the agency installed a 911 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network to support its 23 different law enforcement, fire and emergency medical agencies. Less than 10 years later, RiverCom learned that the LMR products they had come to rely on would reach their end-of-life in 2018.

Read the full case study here.

Case Study:

A Mountainous Need for Reliable Communications

Key Challenge:

When your business involves helicoptering skiers in and out of isolated Idaho mountain peaks, communications are essential to delivering a thrilling adventure for guests while keeping them safe. That’s why Sun Valley Heli Ski (SVHS) puts a high priority on having reliable communications that keep radio dispatchers, pilots, ski guides and guests in constant contact. So, when SVHS’s existing network began experiencing outages, noise and coverage issues, it quickly hired a radio communications expert to evaluate the problem and find a solution.

Read the full case study here.

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