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Truveris offers pharmacy contract expertise that replaces traditional PBM management models, giving full and transparent visibility into pharmacy contracts. Our platform offers an end-to-end approach to purchasing and optimizing pharmacy benefits to support organizations in meeting their fiduciary duties. Truveris acts independently of PBMs, ensuring PBM adherence to pharmacy contracts and creating transparent benefits for employers, resulting in 20% average deal improvement on total pharmacy spend for our clients.

Truveris works with a variety of large public entities, including states, school systems, sheriff organizations, cities and townships, and union organizations.  We have identified more than $5 billion in savings for our clients.

Our key offerings include:

  • Marketplace – Through an agnostic PBM Marketplace, Truveris supports pharmacy contracting procurement and management. Our process is transparent and helps organizations secure optimal terms and transparent contracts. Truveris’ Marketplace evaluates any PBM and supplier option (specialty, formulary, rebate) to achieve deep savings. This process reveals an average of 20+% deal improvement from the previous pharmacy benefit pricing.
  • PBM Oversight – Truveris ensures PBM contract accountability through ongoing program oversight, with 100% claims re-adjudication offering performance reporting (errors, variance, rebates, improvement opportunities). In contracts that we review, we find PBM reporting variances 90% of the time, as well as some level of shortfall in half of cases, often resulting in clients recovering these funds.
  • Member Engagement – Truveris offers a dedicated member engagement tool, oneRx, that empowers members to find the best prescription prices based on their benefits. oneRx integrates directly with the PBM, giving members a real-time price comparison between the cost of a drug using their insurance and the lowest out-of-pocket costs with third party programs or other discounts.
How Truveris has Helped Clients Optimize their Pharmacy Benefits

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