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MachineSense was started in 2014 and has developed state-of-the-art Internet of Things technology for predictive machinery maintenance and building services, including power quality, building security services such as highspeed temperature scanning, and smart air quality equipment. Nominated by Microsoft in 2018 as “Start-Up of The Year,” the company offers a host of cloud-based services for knowledge storage and computing.

Its most important development for the pandemic has been its FeverWarn product line, which uses the wrist/fist for skin temperature measurement rather than the forehead. This device is faster for employee/visitor fever scanning than forehead or camera models and avoids privacy issues of concern with thermal imaging centers. FeverWarn also avoids the consumer concern of forehead scanners pointing infrared devices at their heads. The device is fully FDA compliant and is installed in schools, hospitals, and businesses throughout the USA. It can also be deployed with employee/visitor scanning systems or integrated with security doors.

The business was founded by Dr. Biplab Pal and Conrad M. Bessemer, is US-based with support offices in Baltimore, Kansas City, and Kolkata, India.  Product lines today primarily focus on consumer or business safety concerns, including:

  • High Speed Fever Temperature Scanning FeverWarn Systems
  • Personal PPE Breathing Apparatuses
  • Personal Air Safety Devices for Schools, Businesses, Cars, Buses
  • Bridge Monitoring Systems
  • Power Monitoring Systems

All items are manufactured in the USA. For security purposes, FeverWarn should be installed on a parallel network. No personal information is collected to ensure privacy, and temperature results are secured for future liability purposes.

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Point of Contact:

Kevin Walsh – Inside Sales Associate

Corporate/Sales Phone: (443)-457-1165, EXT 325

Direct Phone: (443)-457-1379


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Bradley Wyatt
(804) 313-6495


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