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Cirrus Healthcare specializes in developing personal healthcare products that reduce ear-pressure to help prevent and treat some of the world’s most common and debilitating conditions. Cirrus products have been selected by many of the world’s greatest retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Boots, etc. for their private label programs due to quality, service and value.

While Cirrus can also be very competitive to bid on contracts for the more generic plugs such as foam, silicone and plugs for swimming, what sets us apart from other plug manufacturers are the unique specialty plugs mentioned below. These are the plugs that we want to emphasize with the military or other government agencies, but we have full capabilities to make most any type of earplug and should bid on all contracts related to earplugs.

A little more about Cirrus Healthcare’s products:

EarPlanes: Pressure regulating earplugs which can be used in any military situation where pressure changes can cause serious ear problems which may interfere with performance of duties. Following are potential usage situations:

  • The military flies thousands of personnel and family members to various locations annually.  Many of these travelers may suffer from ear pain associated with pressure changes in the airplane cabin. This pain can be debilitating particularly if the personnel are traveling with colds or sinus problems. EarPlanes will help to alleviate or lessen the impact of the pressure changes. EarPlanes were originally tested by US Navy Pilots.
  • Parachuting may affect the ears due to pressure changes during the drop. EarPlanes can be used to prevent ear problems among parachute troops during training and actual combat.
  • EarPlanes has a dual function. In addition to alleviating pain from pressure changes, EarPlanes attenuates noise without effecting the ability to hear commands. Foam plugs used by the military have the major disadvantage of deadening noise to the extent that sounds like commands and warnings cannot be heard. EarPlanes will attenuate sound while allowing normal sound frequencies (such as voice commands) to be heard due to its ceramic filter which is a barrier to high frequency sounds while allowing the normal range of frequencies to be heard.


ClearEars: These water removing earplugs can be used in any situation where ears need to be protected from stagnant, polluted water trapped  in the ears. This is a serious problem in situations when combat troops need to cross rivers or disembark from landing vehicles. Water trapped in ears will interfere with hearing and may result in bacterial infections. The only alternatives to ClearEars are ear drops which are not convenient to use in combat situations whereas ClearEars are easy to carry and can easily be inserted to clear the ears of water.


WeatherX: Uses similar pressure regulating technology as in  EarPlanes, modified to alleviate or lessen migraine symptoms triggered by atmospheric pressure changes. WeatherX comes with its own App to forecast these pressure changes and alert the user to insert the earplugs.  Since migraines can effect the efficiency of troops in battle, WeatherX earplugs and its App should be used by all personnel prone to weather-related migraines.

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