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ColorTokens Inc., a Silicon Valley company, delivers proactive security for enterprises and government agencies worldwide. Built on a Zero Trust architecture, the ColorTokens cloud-delivered platform delivers enterprise-grade security solutions that visualize, segment and enforce Zero Trust security policies to effectively help prevent the lateral movement and spread of breaches, while ensuring compliance for cloud workloads, applications, data, and endpoints.  Infrastructure agnostic, light weight and easy to deploy, ColorTokens stops tomorrow’s threats, without needing additional hardware, and without any business downtime or disruption.

ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform delivers solutions for unified visibility, micro-segmentation, Zero Trust network access, cloud workload security, and endpoint protection. The cloud-based platform addresses the most critical security considerations put forth by CIOs and government agencies to achieve proactive security:

  • Protect sensitive information: Ensure privacy and secure access to personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Secure critical infrastructure: Thwart stealthy attacks on critical infrastructure that run utility services like power and transportation, among others
  • Risk from insider threats: Protect against the escalating number of insider threats from witting and unwitting employees, and supply chain attacks
  • Improve incident reporting: Effective and timely response to data breaches and security incidents across hybrid and multi-vendor data centers

ColorTokens provides a simplified, Zero Trust (“Never Trust, Always Verify”) approach to securing an enterprise’s most valuable network assets and endpoints against cyber-attacks. The platform is based on the NIST Zero Trust framework to address evolving new threats and compliance requirements. It is 100% cloud-delivered for speed, granular visibility, security, and control over endpoints, applications, and network assets to vastly reduce attack surface and prevent breaches. Customers benefit from increased cyber resilience to attacks, rapid containment, and minimized business disruption or downtime.

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With ColorTokens, security and risk teams can achieve their desired security posture and reduce their attack surface in days, instead of weeks or months with traditional security products. The multi-award-winning solution is deployed at legal firms, airports, metro rail projects, energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and finance organizations, among others.

ColorTokens Products:

  • Xshield for Workload Visibility and Security
  • Xprotect for Endpoint Security

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Case Study:

ITCube Mitigates Remote Access Risks with ColorTokens, Enhances Customer Trust

Key Challenges

  • Inadequate security and visibility into remote employee machines with existing anti-virus software
  • Security risks that stemmed from the usage of personally owned infected or compromised devices
  • Unable to apply OS patches and update anti-virus software on user machines outside the company networks
  • Alert fatigue from various security tools using traditional methods

Read the full case study here.

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