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Social media is being manipulated by bots and trolls. Disinformation and mistrust are spread through online conversations, damaging brand reputation, and society. Cyabra is a social search engine. Monitoring and analyzing billions of interactions in real-time, Cyabra uncovers the good, bad & fake of online conversations. We measure authenticity, sentiment, and impact across all media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

By understanding online narratives, trends, and communities, Cyabra provides actionable insights to stop the spread of disinformation and reach the real audience. Unlike legacy social media listening tools, Cyabra is an AI SaaS platform developed by information warfare and cybersecurity experts on a mission to protect and improve public discourse.

Consumer brands and public sector agencies trust Cyabra to analyze publicly available online conversations to determine authenticity, identify risks, and spot opportunities.

The graphic above is a breakdown of fake/real/bad authors, identified by Cyabra’s proprietary algorithms, with illustrations of authenticity reasons and activity levels.

This graphic shows individual fake/real authors segmented into communities based on engagement and common agendas. Additionally displayed are the community’s leaders and the community’s authenticity (based on percentage of real/fake authors).

This graphic is an illustration of an orchestrated fake campaign presenting the most influential fake author leading the campaign.

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Leslie Crowley
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