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Freight Farms is the leading provider of vertical container farming solutions worldwide. Freight Farms container farms can be found in 46 states and territories, 34 countries with more than 500 farms operating today. Agriculture technology (Ag Tech) has emerged as a fast-growing industry, with Freight Farms at the forefront. Freight Farms was one of the first companies to emerge as an Ag Tech leader as well as the first to build a farm inside of a shipping container, and the first to iterate and market that design with the Greenery S™ vertical hydroponic farm.

The Greenery™ S is a compact and mobile vertical hydroponic farming solution. It needs only a few simple site requirements to make it operational, meaning it can be placed in a variety of urban, commercial, or residential locations. The Greenery S™ is built on three key principles: Design, Automation, and Performance.

DESIGN: The Greenery S leverages Freight Farms’ decade of experience building and designing container farms. Every farm component gives equal priority to the needs of both plant and operator.

AUTOMATION: Above all else, the Greenery S is a smart farm. When fully integrated with Freight Farms’ Farmhand® software, operators can achieve success by automating most of the farming process.

PERFORMANCE: Intentional design and automation unite to drive peak performance in yields, quality, and efficiency. The result is a plant production powerhouse.

Above all, The Greenery™ S is a complete commercial farm within 320 square feet. Operators can successfully grow hundreds of high-value crops, such as lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, roots, edible flowers, and more.

More Information On Freight Farm’s Solutions:

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