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Orca.io is a powerful web-based prospecting platform that helps recruiters and marketers connect with millions of healthcare professionals. Built on top of the NPPES Registry (National Plan and Provider Enumeration System), with the most accurate database of healthcare providers available, the platform provides immediate access to vital data such as contact information, specialty, and location.

Orca.io is a revolutionary database that uses artificial intelligence to deliver nearly 93% accurate contact information for healthcare professionals. This powerful tool allows users to experience a significant increase in monthly placements by having the ability to connect with top talent and build a pool of qualified candidates.

The platform offers a range of custom filters and drill-ins, enabling users to search for clinicians by NPI, name, specialty, sub-specialty (if applicable), state license, and zip code radius. Once users have identified the right candidates, they can individually or bulk select records for download and use them in marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re a recruiter looking for top talent or a marketer looking to connect with healthcare professionals, Orca.io is the perfect tool to identify and connect with the best candidates for open positions

With Orca.io, government agencies can gain access to:

  • 2MM+ Candidate Profiles
  • 5MM+ Mobile Phone Numbers
  • 2MM+ Email Addresses
  • 3MM+ Mailing Addresses

Winvale Partner Since 2022

Website: orcaio.net

Point of Contact:

Leslie Crowley
Direct: (804) 313-6540


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