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Each day, an immense amount of publicly available, unstructured data is produced. Approximately 4.5 billion people using the internet worldwide constantly create billions of data points. This reality presents an opportunity for organizations tasked with public safety. By leveraging this vast ocean of data, they can gain actionable insights regarding individuals, groups and topics, and then deep dive to uncover even more.

To harness this open source data, Voyager Labs is designed to analyze massive amounts of unstructured data and infer human behavior insights. This analysis is based on AI-based technologies such as machine learning, pattern recognition, natural language processing, combinatorial and statistical algorithms and more. These deep, actionable insights provide analysts and investigators with a comprehensive view of individuals, groups and topics, including social whereabouts, circles, key and hidden relationships and content based on relevancy and importance to the specific use case. Based on these insights, an analyst can make decisions which enable fast and efficient reactions to developing situations or proactive prevention of event escalation.

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While other existing solutions are at times too complex and time-consuming, or superficial and only partially effective, Voyager Labs’ unique solution is simple, fast, and profound in the depth of insights and hidden truths it enables analysts to uncover. Voyager Labs offers three unique cognitive computing platforms– VoyagerCheck™, VoyagerAnalytics™, and VoyagerVision™. The behavioral insights revealed by these platforms provide users with a holistic view of an individual’s social circle and classifies direct and indirect relationships and content based on relevancy and importance to the specific case. All three platforms are highly relevant to the detection, disruption, and investigation of threats.

VoyagerCheck is a rapid vetting and background check platform that provides risk scores of targets based on available social media information within minutes of identifying and inputting a profile of interest.

VoyagerAnalytics is the expert analytical platform that provides our clients with the ability to conduct deeper collection and analysis in real-time of profiles flagged by the VoyagerCheck system, in addition to any other profiles and topics users choose to analyze.

The third platform, VoyagerVision, applies industry-leading pattern recognition and cognitive computer vision technology to model and analyze the explicit and implicit information contained in oceans of visual data – including content collected and flagged by VoyagerAnalytics users. VoyagerVision’s AI-driven image and relationship analysis unlocks crucial insights in near real time, revealing human behavior and relationships that may not be immediately obvious from other sources.

Government Solutions

Countering Insider Threats for the Defense Industry 

The current threat landscape is growing by the minute – from foreign to domestic to insider. The ability to analyze open, deep and dark web data is game-changing for identifying, assessing and countering these threats – while protecting sensitive information and assets. Effectively navigating this immense pool of information can be a painstaking process, requiring a significant investment of resources.

Read more about Voyager Labs’ Solutions for the Defense Industry here.

Voyager Labs for Law Enforcement 

At the heart of every inquiry or investigation is one simple fact:
the answers exist. The challenge is finding them. Voyager Labs provides a potent, field-tested platform that criminal investigators can use to help uncover those key answers and insights, allowing them to accomplish in minutes what might take months with traditional techniques.

Read more about Voyager Labs’ Solutions for Law Enforcement here.

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