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Virtual MGR is a fully customizable, operational workforce software developed to create a more efficient, compliant and quality-controlled workflow solution. HEALTHCLEAN is not an off-the-shelf task management tool. Our team creates adaptable cleaning software that works for you. We not only solve your current problems, but we work closely with you to continuously improve the solution to suit your evolving needs. HEALTHCLEAN’s cloud-based, data-driven platform  easily shifts cumbersome paper processes of managing dispersed labor into a fully digital system that tracks performance to discover efficiencies and profitability opportunities. HEALTHCLEAN is a thoroughly vetted software in place for commercial and healthcare facility cleaning.

Save time and gain efficiency – A lot of time goes into monitoring and checking in with supervisors for updates when managing a large team. With HealthClean, you can get that time back by viewing unfinished tasks in real-time between facilities. Advanced location tracking allows you to then delegate high priority or unfinished tasks to the nearest staff members.

Advanced analytics for labor savings – Obtain labor productivity reports, audits, and quality scores in easy-to-read formats. With productivity and quality score calculations, you can easily track employee trends and manage multiple teams or facilities within your network to ensure standardization, improve communication, and improve company-wide standards.

Standardize and digitize processeswith a compliance software that’s capable of compiling analytics in a flash for your specific facility needs, HealthClean by Virtual MGR provides health care employees — from facility directors to environmental services — with a customizable facility management software to take away time-intensive administration tasks, allowing you to more efficiently manage your team.

With real-time dashboards, you can quickly access employee data, such as task overviews and labor productivity, to make workflow decisions to save time and money. HealthClean’s cloud-based system allows you to have ultimate staff visibility, right from your mobile device or desktop.

Real-time employee progress dashboards – Monitor remote employees as if you were there in person. See in real-time what scheduled vs. non-scheduled tasks are being performed within shifts, along with who is currently working or inactive. You will easily be able to track behavior patterns by quickly analyzing employees’ full work history.

Easy-to-navigate dashboard – You can track labor productivity in real-time. Get an overview of your employees to instantly be aware of any unfinished tasks, high-priority issues, or labor inefficiencies. With a simple click and drag, you can add or move tasks remotely from person-to-person.

Digital Documents – With a built-in training component and quick, virtual access to policy and procedure manuals, HealthClean software is easy to navigate – no matter your technology knowledge. Now employees can see task overviews, schedules, and duty lists, access training documents, easily report issues, and be held accountable – with just a few clicks.

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Case Study:

Re-investing the Benefits of Workforce Automation

Key Lessons

  • Work details are available in teal-time through the automation software.
  • The program cut time per task and costs for key environmental services.
  • Supervisors can respond immediately to crises or priority changes.
  • Hospitals can cut active FTE levels and redirect resources.
  • Pandemic response can be augmented with Workforce automation.

Read the full case study here.

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